App-Solutely Awesome Ways to Promote Student Literacy with Technology Tools

RPDA Workshop 3/19/19

This workshop is for any teacher who wants to help students build skills in literacy–not just English Language Arts teachers! Educators of all grade levels, subject areas, and teaching situations will discover some of the best tech tools that can be used for students to think about, read about, and communicate about learning content. We will share applications, strategies, and resources that can be used with various types of devices (ie. Chromebooks, iPads, smartphones, laptops, etc.).

Participants will explore applications that include interactive reading materials, idea map/outline creators, multimedia presentation tools, and much more! We will examine tech tools to enhance skills in the areas of vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, and oral and written expression. We will also learn how to use apps to support the writing process as well as options for digital publishing. Plenty of hands-on time will be provided to work with the technology tools so that you can leave this session ready to implement what you have learned in your own classroom.

**Participants of all levels of technology proficiency are welcome to come to share ideas and experiences

**Participants are encouraged to bring their own devices (smartphones, iPads/tablets, laptops, etc.) and headphones with microphone to be able to fully explore the potential of the technology tools.

(Make sure devices are fully charged and bring power cables.)

Participants will gain knowledge and skills in:

  • strategies for building skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking with technology
  • how to use technology to support reading and communication (oral and written)
  • how technology can provide various tools for producing and sharing work digitally

Participants will explore Tech Tools such as:

  1. Newsela / (iPad app)
  2. Read & Write Literacy Toolbar by Texthelp (Chrome Extension)
  3. Read Write Think Student Interactives (Webtools)
  4. Popplet / (Popplet Lite app for iPad)
  5. Kidspiration Maps (Lite version for iPad)
  6. Inspiration Maps (Lite version for iPad)
  7. Book Creator (Book Creator One app for iPad / Chromebook)
  8. Flipgrid (iPad app)
  9. Seesaw The Learning Journal / (iPad app)
  10. Screencastify (Chrome Extension)
  11. Adobe Spark Video (Webtool / iPad app)
  12. iMovie (iPad app)
  14. Kaizena
  15. Flippity

Download (PDF, 838KB)