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Expanding Student Access & Success with Technology

A great variety of technologies are available today that offer alternative means to engage students and enhance the learning process. Participants will see demonstrations of digital tools, applications and features that can help diverse learners develop knowledge and skills. The presentation will include practical suggestions for parents, caregivers, and educators… Read more »

PD Workshop Princeton Montessori School Jan. 2, 2018

During this session we will: share ways learners and teachers can express ideas using multimedia tools learn about technologies that help produce engaging slide shows, visuals, and other presentations specific applications and features to use across content areas and grade levels Tech Tools: Book Creator One (create digital books and… Read more »

5 Ways to Implement Joyful Education in Your Classroom

Studies show that when we provide joyful learning environments and experiences for our students, we can improve engagement, motivation, and learning outcomes. Read my article posted on the Kids Discover Blog to learn more about the neuroscience behind this approach, and ways to enrich learning by infusing joy in the learning… Read more »