Making the Most of your Classroom Chromebooks (MUJC Workshop)

If you are wondering if your students can do more with your classroom Chromebooks, the answer is YES! In this workshop you will discover new ways to incorporate the Chromebook as a teaching and learning tool. Whether you have access to a sign-out cart, a few in the classroom, or a 1:1 class set, you will find fresh ideas and strategies to make the most of what you have!

This workshop will offer a wealth of resources and examples of Chromebook use in the secondary classroom. Favorite applications, extensions, and websites that are applicable in all content areas will be highlighted and demonstrated. There will be plenty of hands-on time and guided practice so that you can come away with activities and lessons that can be immediately implemented in your classroom! This will be an interactive session with a practical focus, and you will need to bring your own Chromebook (or laptop) to fully engage and explore with the technology.

Participants will learn:

  • strategies for maximizing the potential of Chromebooks that you have access to
  • how to use Chromebooks to support teaching and learning in your classroom
  • specific applications and examples of high-quality uses of Chromebooks in secondary classrooms

Workshop Resources:


“An American Chromebook Crisis: new report shows sad trends of how students are using the devices” by Andy Losik

Chromebooks: We Can and Must Do Better by Alice Keeler


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