PD Workshop Princeton Montessori School Jan. 2, 2018

During this session we will:

  • share ways learners and teachers can express ideas using multimedia tools
  • learn about technologies that help produce engaging slide shows, visuals, and other presentations
  • specific applications and features to use across content areas and grade levels

Tech Tools:

  1. Book Creator One (create digital books and movies)
  2. Canva (create beautiful visuals and more)
  3. iMovie (produce movies and use trailer templates)
  4. Green Screen by DoInk ($) (videos with customized backgrounds)
  5. TouchCast Studio (interactive clickable presentations)
  6. Screencastify (Chrome Extension for recording the screen and voice narration)
  7. Padlet (online bulletin board to share digitally)
  8. Seesaw (share digital content with teacher, classmates and parents, create portfolios)
  9. GarageBand (audio recording tool)
  10. Google Slides/Sites/Docs (web-based collaborative tools to create digital files)

Download (PDF, 4.82MB)

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